” I was fortunate enough to do something out of the ordinary and book holiday at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. I have never been to an Ashram and was basically a beginner at yoga. My one week stay turned into two, and then into three weeks, and I became immersed in the culture and practice of yoga. I have leaned more about whats important in my life and about myself during those three weeks than at any other point in my life. It has changed my life forever. Amrita, a young and beautiful soul was one of my teachers throughout my stay and through her teachings and guidance I blossomed the most. She taught me so much about yoga; meditation, breathing, posture, form, the mind and self love that I cannot begin to explain how that has transformed my life so far. I am eternally grateful for her knowledge, kindness and her spirit that guided me through the most important and transformational times in my life. Om Shanti.”
K. Childs, Bahamas

“I had the wonderful opportunity to have Amrita for my teacher while visiting the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. I took the 5 day Beginners Yoga Course. I have taken yoga on and off for many years, but this course changed my life. I give all the credit to Amirita. She has much knowledge that she shares with such a loving and enthusiastic attitude. It is obvious that Amirita has found her path in life, because it shows every day you are with her. I am looking forward to working with Amrita in the future”
– Lauren, Bahamas

“How many words can one use to describe the incredible experience I have had in the Bahamas…I know in my heart what made my week special was the personal commitment of our teacher Amrita..when I arrived I thought I knew what “yoga” was…but now I realize I knew one very small piece. I understand why building it into my life was going to be difficult when I returned home. However now, after being taught by Amrita, she has shown me how to begin changing my life. I needed my new chapter in life to begin and she is part of that. Her belief and passion was inspirational and instrumental to me…I will always be grateful…I look forward to her being my teacher again one day and showing her that I now can do a head stand”
– Lynn, Bahamas

“My experience at the Nectar Yoga Retreat on Maui felt very complete. The accommodation was first class as was the food and the program.
Two yoga and two meditation practices were available each day. There was always free time for reading and exploring.
As an extra bonus, trips to a local farmer’s market and an unforgettable sunrise on a volcano were made available without extra charge.
I hope I am able to join up with the next one wherever it may be”

– Lexa, Maui Retreat

“I went away (to my vacation) so stressed and came home feeling a different person and far more positive. Not only did the yoga classes help me physically but I felt that your meditation classes were wonderful and for once I was truly able to lose myself in them.
I look forward to following your travels on your website and find out where your next retreats are!! Thank you so much”

– Brenda, St. Lucia

“I am glad to have met a real ornament of knowledge and inner beauty. Thank you very much indeed.”
– C. St Lucia

“Our 1on1 session was really helpful – I can move my arm much better now and also the physiotherapist I saw afterwards was impressed with the exercises you showed me!
Since coming back to London I have been doing 2 yoga sessions per week at my local gym – thank you for getting me back on track!
Have a lovely time and let’s keep in touch”

– Anneli, St Lucia

“Amrita is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She is wise beyond her years and her students feel in very safe hands – her teachings are both philosophical and physical – her approach very holistic. She is crystal clear in class and encourages people to ask questions and really explore postures and yoga teachings – and she is the only person who has manage to teach me how to meditate – there were many lightbulb moments. Dont miss an opportunity to do her amazing retreat – or other workshops. I’m looking forward to booking my next one!”
– Elizabeth, Greece Retreat

“One of the best experiences I have had in my life. The knowledge Amrita shared has broadened my perspective, it has given me the power to believe in my own strength for changes in my life. Thank you so much for every minute with you.”
– Subei, Greece Retreat

“Andrea, we had an absolutely amazing time on this retreat. Thank you for planning all the activities for the week, we definitely enjoyed them. It was a pleasure practicing our yoga and meditation with you and we look forward to incorporating it into our yoga routines.”
– Harpreet, Maui Retreat

“I want to thank you again for the 5 days of engaging sessions during our Intermediate course at the Sivananda Ashram.
Your personal attention, a positive smiling attitude, diversity of Yoga knowledge on the various aspects of concentration, dedication, relaxation, self awareness and food Chakras was extremely valuable.
I thoroughly enjoyed your practical approach and will love to have to be my coach in the future.”

– A. Sood, Bahamas

“I was lucky enough to take the intermediate course with Amrita as well and must say, she did an excellent job. She brought great attitude and useful teachings to every day, and gave us tools that we can take home and use. Thanks to her wonderful way of teaching, she greatly enhanced my practice and brought my thought level deeper. She really made my time at the ashram special and I am so grateful to have taken her course- and look forward to doing another retreat with her in the future!”
– Aditi, Bahamas

“The beginners course was excellent. I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge that Amrita has in the Sivananda practice. She was a dedicated and patient teacher throughout all aspects of the course. I would recommend Amrita to anyone”

– L. Gosson, Bahamas

“First of all thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your vast knowledge and skills with me. You are great instructor and wonderful human being. You made the course work very interesting and paid special attention to every detail. I have experienced and gained far more than expected and it is all because of your enthusiasm and love of teaching. I would defiantly recommend your course for anyone interested in learning Sivananda Yoga”

– B. Smith, Bahamas

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