Skype Private Yoga and Pilates Classes

Do you live outside the Vancouver area and have a specific yoga and/or Mat Pilates question? I provide initial consultations, answer questions, demonstrate and instruct you through a personalized Yoga/Mat Pilates via Skype.

This is the perfect opportunity to begin or deepen your Yoga and/or Mat Pilates practice in your own home. We set up a Skype call and I instruct you via the internet. You set the day and time that works best for your schedule.

Nectar Yoga’s Private SKYPE Yoga and Mat Pilates Classes Include:

The Basics: Start from the beginning, learn the foundations of posture, alignment, muscles, breathing and tradition/philosophy

Go Deeper: If there is an area that you would like to expand, specific postures, specific muscles, specific lineages, we will go deeper into your current practice and evolve it to the next level

Mat Pilates: Understand pelvic floor, proper spinal alignment, better posture, abdominal strengthening. This is perfect for back pain and building your core strength.

Restorative: Specifically for people with limited mobility, chronic pain, recent injury or those who prefer a gental meditative class.

Partner: Choose any of the above and add a partner.

Meditation: Learn how to find inner peace, connect to the breath, and develop a daily meditation practice.

$75 CAD for 1-3 people.

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